About Us

Who Are We?

We are a wholesaler distributor company that carries pharmaceutical brands, generics, injections, medical/surgical and OTC products. We also supply to healthcare practices, pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, occupational industrial healthcare professionals, long-term-care facilities and other specialty practice communities. We provided great customer services to our customers from an assigned and knowledgeable account representative that can help you with anything from choosing the right product, as well as keeping track of your order.

As a pharmaceutical wholesaler company, we provide nationally full-service that helps up focus on providing great quality service and having affordable products for our customers. Our experience and knowledge affords us for the ability to have one of the largest supply of products in the industry and distribute discount on medical supplies as well. We keep our industry competition in alignment and keep our trends within our core markets, which our customers have come to rely on our ability to adapt to changing markets and the industry’s evolving needs.

  • We distribute both Rx generic and brand products.
  • Offer pre-booking of all new generic products.
  • Specialize in creative sourcing on difficult to obtain products.
  • Offer substitutes for back-order and out of stock items.
  • Compliant to DSCSA
  • Do not apply taxes.
  • Are designed to facilitate the ordering process for medical facilities and professionals through
  • eliver personable service from an assigned and knowledgeable account representative.
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